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What is SMART from MinMax?

SMART is a Substation Maintenance and Asset Reliability Tracking tool designed as a complete asset management and inspection system for substation operators by substation professionals. It is optimized for small-size utilities operating as few as 1 to 300+ substations to achieve superior reliability and lower operating costs while fulfilling NERC and other regulatory compliance.

Key features of SMART that users find most helpful are:

  • Rapid deployment using a cloud based solution in a Cyber secure environment requiring minimal support from the utility’s IT department
  • Flexible inspection and asset management functions driven by work orders, schedules, and service calls with a comprehensive set of user configurable libraries of equipment types, data fields, inspection questions, appropriate responses, and manufacturer information
  • Ability to build a comprehensive asset management inventory of all equipment items complete with documents, drawings, manuals, pictures, training videos, and test reports
  • Ability to instantly alert supervisors and inspectors about abnormal inspection results and work order situations with pictures
  • Ability to perform schedule replication based on the frequency of inspection for any equipment for any inspection type
  • A Dashboard display with ability to retrieve all asset related inspection and maintenance data with informative performance metrics
  • Ability to print 20+ pre-defined reports with added capability to export all asset data and inspection results to Excel and PDF formats
  • Intuitive User Interface with minimal time required for technician and supervisory training
  • Designed to operate with or without Internet (offline version available) on laptops, iPad, tablets, and smartphones.
  • GIS-enabled (ESRI, Google, or Bing maps) for asset and vegetation management outside the fence such as line devices, poles, vaults, pad-mounted transformers etc.
  • Ability to create and follow safety and major maintenance on-line procedures based on proven or NERC-compliant practices
  • Ability to interface with utility’s in-house systems to for synchronizing data such as WOs, GIS data, budget amounts, etc.