2022 Subscription Pricing for MinMax eSMART


Multi-tiered discounts available for utilities with 20+ substations

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For all Asset Management & Inspections

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Unlimited Document Storage
  • Unlimited Phone Support 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (CST)

Use eSMART to support power plants, communication sites, substations, transmission & distribution line maintenance along with meter exchanges.

1MinMax Library – Availability of MinMax customizable library of Inspection questions, user responses, asset data fields, and manufacturers
2Unlimited – Substations, Assets, Users, Support
3Dashboard – Display Inspections/Work Orders/Service Calls and equipment performance using Dashboard
4Document Management – Full document management including bulk document load (any file extension), equipment assignment, manuals, drawings, one-line diagrams, pictures, etc, and document search with use of keywords.
5Gantt Chart – Display schedules, work orders and projects on a Gantt chart
6Project Management – Create projects and assign multiple work orders to a project
7Reports – Pre-Defined PDF report library including NERC, RUS, GO165 formats – With Report Scheduler
8Feeders/Circuits – Organization of assets by feeders, circuits or sections within a substation
9Set up users by their roles
10Process online scheduled inspections, unscheduled service calls, and work orders
11Multiple inspection types (Patrol, Detailed, Intrusive, Testing, etc), with various inspection frequencies (Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Annually and Other Arbitrary Periods)
12Export of data out of SMART in Excel or PDF formats
13Tutorials, FAQs, and Instant Online Help
14On-demand download of all inspection data and full database backup
15Repeat/copy and modify prior inspection schedules
16Pick up ambient temperature automatically using weather data from the internet
17Instant online addition of notes and pictures to any equipment during inspections, work orders, or service calls
18Take pictures at the question level for any inspection
19Email alerts to different user groups during inspection
20Full administrative functions for setting up utility data and users
21Create and attach safety and training instructions and video clips
22Maintain a Service Kit list for any asset
23Automatically create work orders from inspections, emails, and service calls
24Perform hard-copy-based inspections without using tablets or internet connection
25Capability to add historical inspection records
26Offline – Perform multiple schedule offline inspections, work orders, service calls where there is no internet coverage
27Multiple districts or divisions
28Test Data Grid Creation – Load Battery or Dissolved Gas Analysis, or other test data manually or import from Excel spreadsheet into a customizable data grid.
29Receive automatic weekly email alerts about currently due, and past due schedules.
30Flexible configuration for Roles, Permissions, and Notifications
31Tracking – Equipment movement and profile data
32Facility Ratings – Manage and report on FAC-008-3 for NERC
33TOA4 Online – Direct interface with TOA4 Online for transformer insulating fluid test results
34Job Briefing – Customize Job Briefing, Tailgating and Safety forms to be filled out by crews.
35Offline Mobile App – Native apps available for Apple and Android devices.
36Condition-Based Maintenance – Custom Formula builder to build complex expressions that when evaluated to true can trigger other alerts within eSMART
37Line Maintenance (GIS) – Display asset location using GIS on esri maps and perform quick inspections directly on the map
38Line Maintenance (Poles) – Structures, poles, lines, line devices, vaults, pad-mounted transformers, and street lights
39Meter Exchange – Keep track of residential meters and process exchanges with pictures!

If you would like a pricing proposal for your organization, please send an email to info@minmaxtech.com.