An eSMART introduction to NERC Compliance

If you are working with a Transmission Owner (TO), a Generator Operator (GO), or a Distribution Provider (DP) that participates in the Bulk Electric System (BES) or Bulk Power System (BPS), you will be required to comply with several of the NERC (North American Electricity Corporation) reliability standards.  One of the most demanding standards is that of maintaining the Protection System, Automatic Reclosing, and Sudden Pressure Relaying while meeting the compliance standards of  PRC-005-6.

Though there is detailed information available on the NERC portal along with the portals of its regional entities, it’s not always easy to organize the information coherently. Setting up a quality SPMP (System Protection Maintenance Program) procedure that is easy to understand and audit is a challenging task.  To simplify the concept of PRC-005-6 and make it easy to follow especially for first time users, MinMax has prepared this introductory primer on PRC-005-6 with a brief history of NERC and its Reliability Standards.  

MinMax has also created a connection between the PSMP (Protection System Maintenance Program) procedure for PRC-005-6 and its Asset Management and Inspection program called eSMART 9.1.  Using the asset management part of the eSMART program, the users can organize the PRC-005 Components and  Component Types with eSMART’s Asset IDs and Equipment Types.  With eSMART’s Time-based and Performance (Condition)-based inspections, the users can perform numerous time-bound inspections (Requirements) on time while meeting the compliance due dates.  The various pieces of evidence required by PRC-005-6 can be comfortably furnished using the document management system of eSMART and its rich portfolio of easy-to-use predefined reports that are easily configurable for audit purposes.


Check out the presentation below for more information: