An eSMART introduction to NERC Compliance

The Reliability Standard FAC-008-3 from NERC ensures that Facility Ratings are used in the reliable planning and operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES) and are determined based on sound principles.

 A Facility Rating is essential for the determination of System Operating Limits (SOL) which is managed through a document called Facility Ratings Methodology (FRM) for the utility. The FRM will ensure that the Facility Ratings developed are consistent with industry standards such as IEEE and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ratings or testing.


MinMax eSMART is designed to adhere to such principles and it ensures that:

  • The database it maintains is in sync with the FRM.

  • The information identified using the FRM are the most limiting Elements of a facility.

  • The process is in place to determine that the most limiting elements identified support the reliability of the BES.

  • The information is shared with the entities (joint owners) that need it.

  • It facilitates coordination with neighboring utilities to verify that the Facility Ratings of the other owner(s) or with jointly owned facilities are the most limiting Elements of a facility.


The eSMART’ s comprehensive document management system along with the entity’s FRM ensures that the sources for the Element Ratings are acceptable to the auditors. The documents include:

  • Design or construction information

  • Nameplate ratings with pictures

  • Design drawings

  • Engineering analysis

  • Test results


Check out the presentation below for more information: