We are thrilled to announce that the T&D World Magazine has featured EnergyUnited, one of North Carolina’s leading energy providers, for choosing MinMax eSMART for their asset management and dashboard reporting needs.

After initially trying out an asset management software and subsequently reverting to a manual system, EnergyUnited discovered that collecting data accurately was incredibly time-consuming. Seeking a more efficient and reliable solution, they turned their attention to MinMax eSMART.

MinMax eSMART stands out with its robust features, intuitive interface, and comprehensive dashboard reporting. It streamlines data collection and management, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time.

EnergyUnited’s decision to switch to MinMax eSMART marks a significant step in optimizing their asset management processes and enhancing their operational efficiency.

A big congratulations to Karla Rust and her Team at EnergyUnited! Check out the T&D World Magazine April 2024 Issue to read the article.

For more information about eSMART, please send an email to info@minmaxtech.com