On June 11th through 15th, MinMax participated as a vendor at the North Carolina Electric Meter School Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC, for the tenth year!  The MinMax booth received several visitors and demonstrated the latest enhancements in eSMART, including Dashboard Analytics, Pre-job Briefing, and NERC Compliance Tracking.

MinMax president, Dr. Nand Singh, was invited back to present on Asset Management. Dr. Singh discussed the scope and trend of asset management and the challenges electric utilities face.  He shared the approach of the MinMax UAMMM© – Utility Asset Management Maturity Model – which promotes the process of moving up the asset management maturity ladder by moving away from the run-till-failure, the reactive and corrective approaches to preventive, predictive, and proactive practices.

MinMax prides itself on eSMART user-driven features and enhancements to continuously increase labor productivity and improve distribution reliability.  For more information on the above presentation and our latest eSMART features and updates, please email info@minmaxtech.com to request a presentation copy and set up an online demo.