MinMax eSMART User, Jones-Onslow Electric Membership Corp., has been featured in the October 2022 issue of the T&D World Magazine.  The story, submitted by William Jones, “Cloud-Based Job Briefings Maximize Safety”, shares how the utility improved its safety program by using eSMART’s cloud-based technology and job briefing module to streamline OSHA requirements and digitize the process.

JOEMC began using eSMART as an asset management and inspection software in 2019 in an effort to modernize and streamline their daily operations. Although the utility rotates crews to different job duties each year, implementation of the eSMART Job briefing module was simple because of the user-friendly interface and familiarity of the software.

Congratulations to JOEMC for the recognition of their inspiring work and leap into the future.  Read their story, Cloud-Based Job Briefings Maximize Safety, in the T&D World Magazine to learn more.

For more information about the eSMART Job Briefing module, please send an email to info@minmaxtech.com.