MinMax would like to thank the 100+ eSMART users for attending the 6th Annual MinMax eSMART User Conference on October 12th through 14th. Due to the on-going pandemic, MinMax hosted this year’s User Conference virtual again to ensure the safety of all participants.

On the first day of the conference, users focused on tutorials of the basics of eSMART along with useful tips in data extraction and implementation. The second day began with an excellent presentation on EV Charging and the Impact on Substations & Distribution. MinMax continued the day with presentations on Equipment Tracking, Bulk Load of Inspections & DGA Data. Users wrapped up the day with a great presentation on Resiliency & Business Continuity Management along with presentations on Job Briefing and Dashboard Analytics & Reporting. The third day of the conference, users focused on NERC Compliance and the tracking capabilities within eSMART. We had a very informative guest presentation on Compliance Audits followed by use-case presentations from users that manage compliances within eSMART. In the afternoon, the annual User Group Forum took place where users discussed features they’d like to see in eSMART.

Overall, the 2021 MinMax eSMART User Conference was very well attended and deemed a huge success!

Again, thank you to all of the eSMART users who attended and presented! For more information on eSMART, please send an email to info@minmaxtech.com.