MinMax would like to thank our 140+ eSMART users for attending the 5th Annual MinMax eSMART User Conference on October 6th through 9th.

Due to the current pandemic, MinMax decided to host this year’s user conference completely virtual to ensure the safety of all of our participants.

On the first day of the conference, users focused on tutorials of the basics of eSMART along with useful tips in data extraction and implementation, followed by two utility presentations on Best Practices and Advance Functions.

The second day began with Schedule Builder, Inspections, and Pre-Job Safety Briefing. We wrapped up the day with three utility presentations going over how they use specific eSMART features within their organizations.

The third day of the conference, we focused on the Reporting and Analytic capabilities of eSMART. We demonstrated how to schedule and create reports while utilizing the dashboard analytics provided in eSMART. Follow the Dashboard Analytics Tutorial, we had one utility present how they use these functions for Transformer Loading.

The conference was wrapped up on the final day with a morning session of a tutorial and presentation on using eSMART for Compliances. In the afternoon, the annual User Group Forum where users got the chance to discuss features they’d like to see took place.

Overall, the 2020 MinMax SMART User Conference was our biggest and most successful yet.

Again, thank you to all our users who attended and continue to support eSMART – the leading asset management and inspection tool in the utility industry!

For more information on eSMART, please reach out to info@minmaxtech.com.