With the increased interest from our existing customers and potential customers, eSMART would like to announce the release of eSMART 9.1 with major enhancements to our NERC Compliance Features (PRC-005 and FAC-008). 

These enhancements are based on the design inputs from our existing FAC-008 and PRC-005 users that bring eSMART’s regulatory compliance capabilities to the next level.

Here are some of the highlights of the upcoming release:

  1. A comprehensive Facility Treeview (Dashboard) with access to all the relevant data for a facility and its elements. 
  1. Addition of an enhanced Facility Ratings Tracking Log. 
  1. Maintenance of typical conductor ratings and calculations including elements such as power transformers, switches, wave traps, CTs, Circuit Breakers, Relays, and reactive devices.  With the formula builder already in place, the user can now create element-specific formulae and maintain a comprehensive list of typical conductors along with their ambient and condition temps for specified voltages as shown in the screen below.

You can find these enhancements along with a portfolio of other features requested by our existing clients in the eSMART 9.1 release of July 2020.