MinMax was invited to speak at the Utility Tech Seminar hosted by WESCO on February 27th in Buda, Texas.  Attended by local utilities and co-ops of Central Texas, Dr. Nand Singh introduced his Asset Maturity Model designed for the Utility Industry.

The Utility Asset Management Maturity Model (UA-MMM) was designed to identify the levels through which utilities can grade their asset management operations.  Depending on their degree of maintenance whether it is Run-to-failure or Inspect and Repair (Level 1), Time-based or Preventative (Level 2), Condition-based or Predictive (Level 3), RCM or Proactive (Level 4), or Continuous Maintenance (Level 5), the UA-MMM demonstrates how utilities can move from one level to another in an organized way.

While most utilities are still performing a Run-to-failure type maintenance, it has been proven that utilities can improve and gain efficiencies by moving up the ladder through the use of products such as MinMax eSMART.

If you would like to learn more about this topic or have MinMax present the UA-MMM at an event, please contact info@minmaxtech.com.