Based on the feedback from the 2018 SMART User conference, MinMax is pleased to release the much-awaited Memorial Day Release SMART 8.0!  

This release extends the reach of SMART to the revenue meters at the client premises and service points.  The Meter Exchange (ME) module is embedded as a tool within SMART for creating, organizing, finding, historically tracking meter information. (Performing meter exchanges, meter reads, meter disconnects, meter reconnects, and meter removals.)

Using the framework– look and feel of SMART, the user can create and maintain new meter exchange orders, keep track of meter activities, and synchronize them with the in-house billing system as needed. The module interfaces with the utility’s internal billing system through application program interfaces (APIs).

In addition to this ME module, Release 8.0 offers enhanced Work Order processing, document storage, and numerous analytics in the form of pre-defined reports.