One of our recent customers, Choptank Electric Cooperative, has been featured in the July 2018 issue of the T&D World Magazine.  The case study, submitted by David Robinson and Will Keller, is about how the utility deployed an Asset Management system, MinMax SMART, in nearly a week.

The article features the steps Choptank took throughout the whole process.  The problems they were facing with ineffective documentation, how they wanted and needed to record data, what MinMax SMART had to offer, the rapid progress of importing existing data, applying the software to their current inspections, and how they have benefitted from SMART.  Choptank Electric successfully deployed and introduced SMART into the workforce within seven days.

Congratulations to Choptank Electric for the recognition of your inspiring work.  Read their story, Co-op Speeds up Asset Management, in T&D World to learn more.