In order to provide highly-customizable, easy-to-use tools, MinMax Technology works closely with customers to introduce new SMART features on an on-going basis. Based on the feedback received from the SMART administrators and supervisors, we have upgraded the customization features available for uploading pictures.

The new release – SMART Rel. 7.6 – will provide you with savvy picture editing capabilities such as cropping, rotating, and uploading with a 50% compression – all with a single click from the field.  You will be able to speed up the online upload of high resolution pictures by automatically compressing them when you click Upload.

Along with this major feature, we continue to add new user-friendly features and short-cuts as suggested by you. Some of those nuggets are:

  • Filtering of Work Orders by Start & End Dates
  • Display of warranty status of equipment on the dashboard by providing any reference date
  • Automatic tagging of documents and pictures with their source (from inspection, work order, manual upload, etc.)
  • Display of open Work Orders for equipment and their access during inspection on Step-3
  • Additional APIs provided for in-house data connections


Are there new features you’d like to see in a future version of SMART? Let us know.