The second-largest municipal electric utility in Oklahoma has selected MinMax SMART to streamline inspections and strengthen data collection as part of its long-range plan to maintain and upgrade utility infrastructure. The community-owned utility has maintained its own electric generation since 1903 and is now the state’s largest transmission owner.

With an intuitive interface, use of off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets, and pre-loaded configurable libraries of equipment types and inspection questions, MinMax SMART can be quickly and easily deployed for utilities of all sizes.

Serving a population of nearly 50,000, the utility maintains more than 700 miles of overhead and underground transmission lines, as well as eight electric substations. Situated in Tornado Alley, the utility is responsible for general operations, maintenance, emergency repairs and power restoration across an electric distribution network consisting of approximately 12,000 utility poles, 8,500 transformers and nearly 4,000 street lights.