Long-time MinMax SMART customer City of Statesville is featured in the July issue of T&D World Magazine. The case study, submitted by Keith Courson and Billy Lara of the North Carolina municipal electric utility, traces the evolution of their tracking system from hand-written, paper logs through a SMART implementation that has enabled them to move to a proactive maintenance model.

For the City of Statesville team, the SMART payoff was immediate. Through time savings on information retrieval and efficiencies during inspections and troubleshooting, the team saved approximately 16 hours per month, per employee. It was like finding two extra work days every month for each worker, increasing the speed at which the team could complete projects and creating time to address wish list issues.

Congratulations to the City of Statesville for the recognition of your work and dedication. Read their story, Asset Management Approach Yields Savings, in T&D World to learn more.