With the rapid adoption of SMART by G&T utilities operating with 100+ substations, MinMax introduced several key features during its SMART ALECS User Group Conference held in October 2016 in Dallas.  Utility users operating as few as 4 to 300+ substations attended the conference.  The two features the users liked the most are:

  • Facilities Ratings (FAC-008-3) – A compliance requirement from NERC, essential for the determination of System Operating Limits. SMART uses its easy to customize and configure data fields to ensure that Facility Ratings are determined based on technically sound principles for the reliable planning and operation of the Bulk Electric System (BES). Users can easily set up, calculate, and display or print reports highlighting assets with operating limit parameters.
  • TOA4 Online – MinMax Technologies and Delta-X Research announced the integration of their respective SMART and TOA4 Online software solutions. SMART users can now receive the most current and accurate assessment of transformer health based on insulating fluid test results from TOA4 Online.  Delta-X’s TOA4 Online is the defacto standard for assisting utilities with the interpretation of the insulating fluid test results, the leading indicator of problems in transformers.  This feature which was enthusiastically received by users sets a significant milestone in the substation operation industry.  Please click on the joint press release on this announcement prepared by MinMax and Delta-X Research.

Application Learning Enhancement Center for SMART (ALECS) is designed to promote the user community of SMART users where they meet annually to exchange proven asset performance practices using SMART and learn the latest from the industry experts.  This year’s topics and speakers included:

  • Mobility Solutions in the Utility Industry – Vito Longo – Technology Editor, T&D World
  • Aging Utility Infrastructure in North America – Steve Mauser – Industry Advisor
  • Substation Asset Performance – Sean Dempsey – Industry Expert


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