SMART is no longer just an inspection, test records, and document management tool.  It’s helping utilities get better organized and prepared for their compliance requirements.

With a growing list of customers dealing with Bulk Electric System (BES) equipment from the generator to the high side of distribution substation transformers, the latest release of SMARTest 6.15 helps utilities specify ratings of equipment based on NERC FAC-008-3 and changes in accepted industry practice.  Using the SMARTest 6.15 configurable data fields and the latest Facility Ratings module, your utility’s Systems Planning and Operations Support group can easily maintain the accuracy and consistency of the ratings and methodology documents.  The group can compile the individual equipment ratings and assign them to the appropriate facility such as (1) Transmission Line Facilities, (2) Transformer Facilities, (3) Shunt Compensation Facilities, (4) Series Compensation Facilities, and (5) Generation Facilities as defined in the NERC Glossary of Terms.



Using the vast library of flexible SMART data fields, the users can account and print reports for all equipment rating parameters such as Normal and Emergency Ratings, Rating Methodology, Design Criteria, Manufacturer’s Equipment Ratings, Ambient Conditions, Operating Limitations, References to IEEE, ANSI or Other Standards for all equipment including the following: (1) Generators, (2) Transmission Conductors, (3) Transformers, (4) Series and Shunt Compensation Devices, and (5) Terminal Equipment such as  (a) Circuit Breakers, (b) Switches (including disconnect switches), (c) Substation conductors, (d) Transformers, (e) Line Traps, and (f) Relay Protection Devices (current and potential devices, fuses, relays).


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