While SMART has become popular as a substation and distribution asset management and inspection software tool for municipal utilities and cooperatives operating with a range of 2 to 80 substations, It just took a quantum jump by being selected  by a large generation and transmission cooperative, KAMO Power,  operating in Oklahoma & Missouri.  With its G&T operation consisting of 300+ transmission substations with as many communication sites, and several thousand transmission structures, KAMO Power has became the first utility to deploy the SMART system on its own in-house server.  As a licensed software product, SMART was selected by KAMO through a competitive bidding process with eight vendors in the running.  MinMax is obviously thrilled with this victory!

SMART’s user friendly and intuitive design, ease of configuration and customization, capability to operate in offline mode with picture capturing options, consistent inspection and test forms across substation and transmission equipment, rapid deployment, and a cost effective operation were some of the key points that tilted KAMO’s decision in favor of SMART.

MinMax was able to deploy the system in the month of January 2016 and have it operational for training in less than 2 hours.  The entire process has clearly demonstrated the breadth of SMART’s functionalities, its flexibility, and now its scalability to support large size utilities like KAMO in Oklahoma.