With the release of SMART 3.0 that includes new features such as Digital Asset Management, Schedule Replication, Compliance Procedures and Dashboard Display, SMART is off to a great start in 2013. MinMax signed a large cooperative in Oklahoma which will use SMART to maintain its current five substations that will grow to 21 substations by this summer. The Distribution Management team for the co-op liked SMART’s simplicity, consistency, and the price performance as they grow their operation. The inspectors especially liked the field-friendly SMART features where, with a single click on their iPads, they would be able to access the inspection history, user manuals, test reports, drawings and pictures.

The new Dashboard capability of SMART 3.0 provides a full view of the current health of every equipment at each substation, their performance history, and problem areas – all on one screen without using the keyboard.

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