Weatherford, a western suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, U.S., is a family centric community with a tradition of planning for the future. To deliver clean, reliable power to this community requires near-flawless substation performance. Accordingly, substations must be rigorously and routinely inspected. However, as is the case with many small utilities, the cost of using an enterprise-level, ERP-type tool was out of reach for Weatherford Electric.

To implement an economical solution, the business and engineering staff of Weatherford Electric partnered with MinMax Technologies to develop SMART (Substation Maintenance and Repair Tracking). SMART, a cloud-based solution, is an easily configurable program product written on Microsoft’s SharePoint web application platform. The user “builds” substations from a central library of assets, pre-defined inspection questions based on USDA, FERC, and NERC guidelines.

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