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Substation Maintenance
& Asset Reliability Tracking (SMART)

Breaking News: Click here to see the latest T&D World feature story (Sept 2016) on SMART!
SMART User Group Conference 2016 Scheduled for October 5th and 6th in Dallas, TX

SMART Crosses the Two Million Questions Milestone!

Since its introduction in 2012, the SMART suite of programs have already registered more than two
million inspection questions, work orders, and service calls by SMART users across North America.


    MinMax SMART

    MinMax Technologies is a Texas-based software company and a recognized leader in delivering software-based productivity tools for power delivery operations for utilities with two or more substations. Whether it is asset management, work orders, document control, visual inspections, major maintenance, repair tracking, inventory control, or accurate record keeping for NERC or RUS compliance, MinMax has them all covered for you. Known for its simplicity and creative use of mobile solutions, MinMax’s popular Substation Maintenance & Asset Reliability Tracking (SMART) software has been featured in the T&D World, Electric Energy T&D, and has been case-studied by Microsoft.

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